This car was brought to us to be turbocharged.  Here is what the customer got.  The car received the LHT400 kit.  This kit consisted of a shorty log style stainless steel manifold, recirculated dump tube, 2.5’ stainless steel down pipe, Precision turbo and intercooler.  The BOV and waste gate used were both Tial.  Due to the lack of room in the Prelude engine compartment the turbo manifold design was geared towards a top mount.  The intercooler piping all built in house was also 2.5’ aluminum.  All connectors used were 4ply silicon with stainless clamps and the intercooler pipes were beaded to eliminate piping blowing off under boost.  If you look closely at the intake manifold it was also built in house.  This is due to the fact that aftermarket parts for this particular car and engine are almost non-existent.  We built our own intake manifold, which not only did away with the restrictive secondary butterfly system on the stock manifold, but gave us a larger plenum which greatly increased the airflow into the engine. 

The car utilizes a Greddy Profec B Spec II boost controller and autometer cobalt gauges per the customer’s request.  The car also received gator-racing axle's for good measure.  As for the cooling department the car received a Fluidyne radiator, which we modified, (so the water neck would not interfere with the turbo).  The exhaust was changed to a 2.5’ Apexi World Sport for a nice non-restrictive tone.  The car still retained the A/C and power steering; this is a nice streetcar with all the creature comforts still intact and 100% working. The car was then changed over to Hondata and street and dyno tuned accordingly before being returned to the customer.  It produced 287hp and 261tq.

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