This is 93 Civic with a GSR block and a Type R head ( 9.8:1 comp.)
The Turbo is an LHT custom kit, Using an Inline Pro Manifold ( LHT Heat shield) Tial waste gate, Greddy BOV, PWR intercooler(24"x 9"x 3") and Custom LHT Aluminum piping.
After tuning, this vehicle put down 327 whp at 10.5 psi. The block remains 100% stock so the power is limited for reliablity. On street tires this car went 12.2 @ 121 mph at it's first run down the 1/4 mile.

When building custom Turbo kits, LHT uses the Best parts for not only horsepower but long term reliabilty. We use aluminum intercooler piping ,It is not only very light, but it helps cool the charge from the Turbo ( like an Intercooler itself) . Plus it doesn't fill with rust over the years like chrome steel pipe.

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