1995 Civic with 95 GSR engine swap. 

LHT Custom Turbo kit , 'LHT400' designed for fast spooling and up to 400 whp.

All LHT Turbo kits are A/C and power steering friendly, Designed for real street performance and reliability with creature comforts.

This kit uses an LHT Shorty tube manifold, 3" Stainless steel down pipe with re-circulated waste gate dump. All intercooler piping is Aluminum with beaded ends to prevent pipes blowing off, 4 ply silicone hose connectors and stainless steel band clamps. The turbo size is selected to match the vehicles power goals and intended use.

A Hondata ECU with 580cc injectors are used on this application. The engine is 100% stock so the car will be tuned up to 8 or 9 lbs of boost.

This car was fully street and dyno tuned before the customer picked it up. The car dynoed at 293whp and 210 tq at 9lbs

with full spool up by 4700 rpm.

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