The Delsol has a stock B18C1 , we turbo charged this with room to grow but provide good power all the way through the RPM band and reliability to drive every day.

We used a LHT Ceramic coated Cast manifold, LHT 3” stainless down pipe with re circulated dump tube, Precision Turbo , intercooler, and injectors, LHT custom built intercooler piping and intake, TIAL waste gate and BOV, LHT breather can, LHT 3” exhaust, LHT drain and feed line, LHT aluminum radiator with SPAL fan.

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The kit is efficient to 400whp on a built engine, but safe longevity we set the boost at 8-9 psi on stock engines which is good for around 310-320whp. With every turbo we build we do the tuning from start to finish, we concentrate on smooth idle, good gas mileage, good drivability and lots of mid range power.

With years of turbo charging and actually building our kits we have address many of the issues associated with turbo problems. We use the very best parts:, stainless is the only material we offer for downpipes, steel is cheaper but will rust and crack over time. Aluminum is the best material for intercooler piping, its light, doesn’t rust and also helps dissipate the heat like an intercooler itself. TIAL has been proven over and over , we only use TIAL for waste gates but do offer any kind of BOV but still recommend TIAL. The oil feed and drain lines are braided stainless steel with A+N fitting for long term leak free use. Last but not least, we don’t cut corners. We only use and recommend Hondata, this goes into to every Honda we build. It’s as close as you can get to Honda turbo charging your car.

Because we build the kits custom and can Taylor them to fit any needs, we can offer polished piping, stain, powder coated to suit. We can also offer different turbo sizes for power goals.

We can offer custom built kits from 300whp daily driver to 750whp race car and everything in between.

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