This car was an automatic single cam vtec.  The customer came to us wanting to do an auto to manual conversion and a K-series engine swap with boost and wanted it show quality.  That is exactly what he got.  The engine was a U.S. sourced low mileage Acura RSX Type-S engine with a 6-speed gearbox.  The turbo setup utilized was a LHT400 kit.  This setup consists of a LHT shorty manifold, recirulated dump tube, Precision turbo and 600hp intercooler.  The BOV and waste gate are both Tail.  The down pipe was a 3” stainless steel version built by LHT, which then also exited thru a custom LHT 3” stainless steel exhaust.  All the intercooler piping is 2.5” aluminum, also built by LHT and polished for that extra touch.  All intercooler piping is beaded to prevent them blowing off under pressure.  We also use 4ply silicon connectors with stainless steel clamps to hold things in place. 

The car also received a Greddy Profec B Spec II boost controller and Defi boost, and oil pressure gauges.  To make sure there would not be any trouble from the clutch we installed a Clutch Masters Stage III clutch and Drive shaft shop Axels for good measure.  To combat the extra heat, we also installed a Fluidyne radiator with a SPAL fan and built a stainless heat shroud around the turbo and down pipe to prevent heating of the hood surface.  We also converted the wiring harness to accept the K-Swap and the manual transmission. Then we installed K-Pro to fine-tune the car to driving perfection. 

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The car was then street and dyno tuned before being returned to the customer, it produced 300hp and 224tq at(9)lbs boost with no boost creep at all.

This is a quote by the customer/owner, “The car is awesome!  Better than I could have ever imagined, driving it is an experience words can’t explain, now it’s like a jet fighter, thanks for giving me more than I expected, you guys do the best work”.

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