This car was brought to us to be turbocharged.  Here is what the customer got.  The car received the LHT400 kit.  This kit consisted of a shorty log style stainless steel manifold, recirculated dump tube, 3’ stainless steel down pipe, Precision turbo and intercooler.  The BOV and waste gate used were both Tial.  The customer wanted to retain his A/C and power steering so the turbo manifold was built accordingly.  The intercooler piping is 2.5’ aluminum, which is built by us in house.  All the charge piping receives 4 ply silicon connectors and heavy duty hose clamps.  To combat connectors and piping blowing off under boost, all our piping is beaded to ensure a tight seal. 

The car also received Precision injectors and Hondata, so that it could be properly tuned.  Also included in our kits are the oil feed and return line.  We use only the highest quality products.

The kit is built and installed by LHT, Everything is done in house so we can control the quality. The use nothing but the best parts for reliability and long life.

This was called the LHT400 kit as it  has made 400+ whp on many vehicle with a super fast spool up. This is perfect for a 100% daily driver, it keeps AC and power steering and has plenty of clearance around the turbo. The kit is also comes with high performance SPAL fans, these are not only slim fans but the best quality and highest flowing fans you can buy.

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