This car belongs to a good custom that has had several cars built by LHT. This is our LHT400 turbo, it uses a Precision GT30R turbo, LHT manifold and 3" stainless downpipe and full exhaust, Tial wastegate, Tial BOV, stainless oil lines, Precision intercooler , LHT intercooler piping( Notice the fog lights still fit)

Greddy Profec B and of Course Hondata K-Pso.

Ths kit is designed to be a full Street kit good upto around 450whp with great sppol up, This motor is stock so we'll keep it around 300whp.

With all LHT tuning, we not only tune for power and reliablity we tune for gas mileage. We usually increase gas mileage 4-5 mpg in most cases.The LHT Type R geats 34mpg on the highway with a type r tranny and 600 + whp.

With the gas prices increasing almost daily, this is more important than ever.

Take a look..

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