This customer came to us wanting a custom turbo setup for his car.  That is exactly what he got.  The car is question was not something we normally work on, but we felt very confident we could get the job done.  The car received the LHT300 kit.  This setup consists of a LHT shorty manifold, LHT aluminum piping, Precision Ball Bearing liquid cooled turbo, and intercooler.  The bov used was a Greddy.  The exhaust is a LHT 2.5 stainless version custom built for the car, utilizing a Magnaflow muffler. All the piping was polished upon the customers request for that extra touch.  All piping received silicon 4 ply connectors with heavy duty hose clamps as well.  Another feature here at LHT is that we bead all our piping in order to prevent the connectors blowing off under boost.  Since the power output of the car was going to be moderate, we used a turbo with a built in wastegate to regulate the boost, so there was no need for a boost controller in the car. 

In order to maintain its good gas mileage, drivability, and the current program; we had to extensively modify the fuel system.  The car from the factory has a returnless fuel system so there is no aftermarket fuel management system that can be purchased for the car.We had to convert it to a return style fuel system.  We did so by first replacing the in-tank pump with a new high flowing Walboro pump.  Then we ran new dash 6-fuel line from the tank to the Aeromotive regulator, and then we used a FMU to regulate the fuel pressure where it needed to be.  We did this to able to increase the fuel pressure under boost.  We then installed an autometer boost gauge to finish it off.

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