Imagine rolling into 3rd gear at 60 mph and laying rubber to 100 mph.

LHT Built LSVtec, Golden eagle block, 84.5 bore type R head and GSR cams.

LHT Custom turbo , Using Garret GT35R ball bearing, inline Pro manifold, LHT full 3" down pipe ( A/C compatable) polished LHT intercooler piping and a PWR intercooler. This dynoed @ 358whp HP and 270 torque at 12 psi, which is enough spin drag radials while dynoing in 4th gear. All this and enjoying A/C and true drivabilty with 30mpg. LHT can polish piping, intake and exhaust manifolds for show quality apperiance.So you can have SHOW and GO!, Fast cars don't have to look like primered junk.

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