This is an LHT400 Turbo kit for the CRX, designed for fast spool and 400+ whp. The motor is an LHT built B20 Vtec. The manifold is an LHT shorty tubular full 3" downpipe with reticulated dump tube. The turbo is a ball bearing (An option with LHT Kits) hybrid Precision turbo.With all our turbo builds and installs we pride ourselves on being true A/C compatible with good horespower potential and still 100% streetable.

All intercooler piping is aluminum, polished by LHT (optional). The dump tube and down pipe are also polished but made from Stainless steel. A Hondata ECU with 880cc injectors controls the engine. The car was built, then street and dyno tuned before returning to the customer ready to drive.

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