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Custom Intakes for anything

Intakes are a componant that is often overlooked, but is one of the most important parts of the engine.  It's job is not only to channel cool air into the engine, but to filter anything from the air that shouldn't enter the engine. Many cheap knock off intakes have found there way onto the market. These intakes use cheap filters, coated piping that flakes apart on the inside, and cheap connectors that fall apart. With an LHT Custom intake we can build it to to fit the car and engine needs.  We use aluminum tig welded piping built using the correct diameter, and high Quaility silicone connectors and quality filters.

 We also offer custom air boxes built from Carbon Fiber or aluminum to help shield the surrounding hot air from entering your intake.  These custom air boxes also look amazing in the engine bay.  Check out some of our custom work, below.

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These product is not designed for pollution-controlled vehicles. This product is intended for competition racing vehicles operated exclusively on a closed course in conjunction with a sanctioned racing event. LHT Performance  disclaims all liability resulting from the failure to use these parts in compliance with all federal and state laws. By installing this product, you accept full responsibility to comply with all applicable federal and state laws relating to this product.