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Intercooler Piping

We build all of our intercooler piping from mandrel bent aluminum.  This is not only light, but also helps dissipate heat like the intercooler itself. All of our intercooler piping is built directly to the car. By doing this, we can ensure that it fits perfectly, has no rubbing, and does not need to have sections of the bumper cut out. We make the pipe fit the car, not cut the car to fit the pipe. We build the piping size based on power output of the car to ensure the best possible spool up from your turbo. For instance, on the LHT400 kit we use 2.25” piping from the intercooler to the turbo (Most cases in one piece) and intercooler to the throttle body in 2.5”. We have found this is be very efficient to 450whp and maintain a good spool up. All LHT Intercooler piping is bead rolled on the ends. We also use 3-ply silicone connectors and heavy-duty stainless clamps that have been tested to 100 psi! We once tested an intercooler pipe kit designed for a WRC car to 125 psi with no issues! Part of the intercooler piping is the intake to the turbo, this has to be at least the size of the turbo and a filter is a must. With the turbo running at high RPM, even dust and small particles in the air can damage the turbine wheel. A good quality filter will not hinder horsepower. We use K&N filters even on or 600whp+ builds. The intercooler piping can be finished in satin, polished or powder coated to suit.

We build intercooler piping and intakes for pretty much anything.

Honda K20

            Honda Civic

          Honda CRX

              Honda B series

                 2013 Sti

         Before and after


         Acura Integra GSR

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