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We have built many S2000s, both naturally aspirated and boosted.  The S2000 is a great car but lacks power.

Once you've driven an LHT Turbo charged car you will never go back to NA.  Unlike most tuning shops, we're not going to sell you a 500 hp package that breaks down every other Sunday, and requires you to be a full time mechanic to keep it running.  We can put a package together that will will produce high HP, but other parts of the vehcile have to be addressed to maintain reliabilty.

S2000 boosting the RIGHT way....

This S2000 Runs a Kraftwerks supercharger, Skunk2 header and LHT Exhaust

400whp on an otherwise stock S2000.

That's 200whp more than stock.

Check out some SC videos here

We have many solutions that give you the best of all worlds; Good drivabilty, low end power, lots of top end power, and great fuel efficiency.

Only the best and most reliable products.

Polished piping and blue connectors to match hoses.

Built to suit customers color combination

Gun metal powder coated piping

Here are some key points:

The downpipe and dump tube are recirculated.  This means no noise and fumes from under the hood.

The oil drain is stainless braided to ensure that no leaks exist.

The aluminum intercooler piping uses only a few connectors.  This means a less chance of leaking or popping off.

The intercooler fits perfectly.....no cutting, no overheating...just reliability.

The oil filter relocation not only adds lots of room for the turbo, but it also means cooler temps and easy access for oil changes.

Higher Horsepower kit with fast spool in mind.

450whp S2000 w/ LHT Fast spool turbo kit.

Custom heatshield over turbo's hot side

Satin finished intercooler piping

3" custom exhaust into dual 2.5" Borla mufflers with OEM tips

Custom Gator Axles

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