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LHT Version 3 Supercharger Intercooler Kit

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LHT SOHC V3 Supercharger Intercooler

V3 B-Series shown in optional satin black

Larger cores, larger ports, re-shaped entry, new logo, and more efficient

Now available for B-Series, K-Series, D-Series, and H22A's!

The LHT Intercooler is the best thing you can do to your supercharged engine. We have seen gains up to 30whp and 20ft-lbs of torque, with more consistent power.  On a typical B18C1 engine running 10 psi, intake temperatures can run 255 degrees F or more. This is very hard on the motor, plus very hard to tune without detonation. Running the LHT Intercooler and heat exchanger kit will solve this problem. Our kit will drop your intake temperatures by 100-120 degrees F!  The new V3 manifold has proven 10-15F degree drop over previous version.

We have sold 100s of Intercoolers all over the world with great response. Many B-Series powered cars have topped 300 whp while using the LHT Intercooler kit in conjunction with other LHT mods such as an LHT specially designed SC Header, LHT Sheet metal “S” tube, LHT 68mm throttle body, and LHT 3.5” Intake with carbon fiber shield.

Now Available in black

(additional $125 charge applies)

The LHT Intercooler is a water to air design, which means water/fluid passes through very efficient cores inside the intake manifold which absorbs the heat and transfers it to the air through the heat exchanger. This is very efficient up to 350 hp with our heat exchanger kit. All of our testing is done in the hot Florida sun.

We have many intercooler kits in use all over the world, and with great success. Don't hesitate to contact us. We ship USPS and UPS worldwide!

Part of the intercooler modification is full porting of the manifold and reshaping the plenum. This increases volume and air flow. The ports are opened up, port matched and tapered to the cylinder head for more airflow. The port work and reshaping alone has proven gains of up to 12 whp.

Check out these before and after pictures of the Penum Ports

Inside View of Plenum Port (Before)

Inside View of Plenum Port (After)

Flange Side of Plenum Port


Included with the LHT supercharger intercooler mod is the “S” tube porting (B series Vtec only). The “S” tube is the cast piece between the throttle body and the intake of the supercharger itself, held on with 4 nuts.  We port and reshape this for no charge with the intercooler modification.  The "S" tube is opened up to 68mm to suit larger throttle bodies (See below for the LHT Throttle body).

Example. With the intercooler on a B20Vtec a gain of 28WHP and 26 ft was experienced. The temperature measured went from 245 Deg to 115 degs at the port of the cylinder head. The test was done at an ambient temperature of 85 deg F, the water temperature in the intercooler was at 90 deg F.

Turn around time is 10 working days or less. You can prepay for us to build a manifold for you.  Once the manifold is completed we will contact you and you can send in your core. The modified manifold will be shipped back to you the same day. The only downtime would be the shipping time.

"S" Tube (Before)

"S" Tube (After)

"S" tube ported to 68mm


Discontinued until further notice

Shipping Instructions:

  • Box your manifold with all fittings removed, make sure your info is inside the box. Name, Address, , Ph # and E-mail adress.
  • Please include your "S" tube with the manifold as this will be ported and re shaped along with the intercooler mod. (This is the piece between the supercharger itself and the throttle body).
  • We recommend a GSR Throttle body, bracket and cable for correct fitment.We do offer this kit with a 70mm throttle body.

*Please allow 10 working days for turn around. Modification is to customer's manifold. We can pre build the manifold and ship when we receive your core in good condition, this cuts down the wait time. Manifolds must be pre-paid.*

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