A great car right from the factory, but 195 hp doesn't cut it at LHT!

This again is a daily driver, a broad power band is a must, plus of course, air conditioning and power steering. The engine was removed and fully built by LHT using Golden Eagle to sleeve the B18C5 block, ported and polished head by LHT and a Super tech valve train. Compression is 9.5:1 using CP Teflon coated pistons, balanced Crower rods and OEM bearings. A custom sheet metal oil pan with cooling fins as well as other light weight parts have helped reduce the total weight by 75lbs including the added weight of the turbo.

The Turbo kit is an LHT 600 custom built kit. Additional parts consist of an LHT shorty tubular exhaust manifold (with heat shield) 3.25" downpipe with recirculated dump tube, custom LHT Intake manifold and intercooler piping all power coated silver with a heat barrier under the coating. A custom carbon fiber 3.5" intake tube also combats heating the intake air. A Precision intercooler with a Custom LHT Water mister for additional cooling was also used.

The Turbo specs remain secret but has come from many different turbo combinations and experimenting. The turbo is capable of around 650 whp with a very fast spool. While making power, reliability is also a must, which is often overlooked. After working on Factory turbocharged cars we took note of their design, one of which is the cooling. We added vents in the bumper which direct air above the intercooler allowing fresh air to the condenser and radiator. This setup sometimes works too well, in the Florida summer the water temp stays at 188-190 running the A/C. This vehicle is running a Hondata S300 ECU. We use the same parts we sell, only the very best parts will do.

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Even though the horsepower is 650 the car is primarilly driven at low boost which is 450, we have found this to be safer and much more controlable for street use. Spinning the tires at 80 mph is not good on the street.

This car has been built with the best of the best in parts, but there is always chance of breakage with this much power as is with any car that has significant horspower gains.This is another reason why we limit the power to 450 on the street.

* Photos courtesy of Turbo Magazine

See it in Honda Tuning Magazine.

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